Shoe styles

Mary Jane : Low-cut shoe with one strap across the instep. Even if currently this type of shoes is much more associated to girls, it used to be worn by men. In French this pair of shoes is called «Charles IX» in tribute to the eponymous king, who used to wear this type of shoes.


adiPRENE by Adidas : this sport technology helps provide shock-absorbing heel cushioning.

Amphibiox by Geox : a special breathable and waterproof membrane is present, not only in the sole, but also around the top of the foot, keeping the foot dry. This unique technology makes Amphibiox both waterproof and breathable.

Coldback by Under Armour : this technology reflects IR & heat rays, so even dark color don’t get as hot.

Coldgear by Under Armour : it’ s a thermo-conductive print added to the inside of everything from baselayers to outwear to keep you warmer longer.

Earthkeepers by Timberland : One or more major components contain at least 50% recycled polyethylene therephthalate (PET), the plastic used to make soda bottles.

Gore-Tex : is a waterproof and breathable fabric membrane. The Gore-Tex membrane keeps feet dry and protected, while allowing moisture vapor from sweat to pass through.

Heatgear by Under Armour : this technology keeps you cool during any workout or competition.

Hydro-Shield by Rockport : this drainage system helps keep feet dry in wet weather.

Nebula by Geox : Nebula is an evolution of the traditional concept of breathability. The special interior lining with spacers creates free space between the foot and the upper. Heat can escape upwards through this space, facilitating the natural process of body temperature regulation and providing the pleasant feeling of having dry feet.

UPF+ by Under Armour : protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays.

STORM1 by Under Armour : water-resistant technology that fights off the elements. That means in the sun, rain, or snow, you stay dry and on your game.